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  • Yerba Mate


    Yerba Mate (erba – ma-tay) This is a VERY popular drink from South America. Called “The Drink of the Gods” by many indigenous groups there, it has been enjoyed for centuries for its therapeutic properties. Found to have very similar chemical components to green tea; however, yerba mate is much more nutritious. Does contain a moderate amount of Caffeine.

    Mate – comes from a small evergreen (holly family). High in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. There is an entire “ritual” or process to drinking Mate. It’s usually steeped in a hollowed gourd (Cuia), rolled around and compressed, then cold water can be added. A metal straw with mesh on the bottom called a Bombilla is used to drink from the bottom of the gourd, passed around, to the right (I believe) and shared with all in the circle. If you don’t have a bombilla/gourd… it’s totally OK, you can use a tea bag or strainer- just don’t let your friends see you enjoying it this way, they might call the Bombilla Police! NO FRILLS PACKAGING means you’ll get your tea in a Glassine Lined bag instead of the fancy labeled “normal canister or package” AND we add a little more tea for less money!

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