I guess if we have a website selling teas and are pushing loose leaf tea sales… we better offer some strainers and such for the folks just getting started. Otherwise, you are stuck sitting there starring at a mug full of floating tea leaves – having to pick tea leaves from between your teeth after drinking – not enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong- I’d get a good laugh – but not fun for you.

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  • Mug Strainer


    We love these strainers. Just scoop the desired amount of tea into the center basket, set on top of your mug and you’re set. No monkeying around with filling and closing tea balls or Easy Fill bags. Maybe that’s why we use ours all the time… we like easy

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  • 2 1/2″ Tea Strainer


    2 1/2 inch tea strainer. Is hinged on one side – will open in halfs. Fill it, close it over, clasp the latch and steep away. Great for one cup of tea yet big enough for a LARGE mug as well.

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  • Easy Fill Tea Bags 100ct


    What a way to save money in the long run. Buy your tea loose (more value for your $ anyway). Buy a package of these EASY FILL tea bags. When you need to use a bag, like for the office or school, fill them- fold them over twice and your set! With 100 of these little buggers, it only adds .04 cents per cup of tea. Unfold, get the long edge of the bag wet, flip it over the side of the cup and it sticks to the inside.

    These bags are easy fill oxygen bleached tea bags. Sqeeze the bag together (it opens nice and wide) put 1 teaspoon of tea in and fold it twice over itself and tuck it away. The bag will expand when the tea leaves open allowing a good flow of water to extract the flavors. To make it 100% easier when filling and so you don’t spill your spoonful of tea all over the counter… put the spoon into the opening, this opens the tea bag. While filling them, give the bag a little squeeze- this will again open the mouth of the bag allowing the spoon to slip roght in. Before you know it you’ll be a pro at filling them and you can come work for us!!!!

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  • LIBRE Travel Tumbler


    A classy travel tumbler if I do say myself. A sturdy BPE free plastic shell that surrounds a glass interior. The creator told us she tested it by putting it on top of her car and driving away several times… like that really ever happens in real life?!?! 🙂 Simply put your tea leaves into the glass, screw on top/strainer after steam dissipates and let steep. This is the really cool part because you can watch the leave dance around like an old-time discotheque. With the steeper in place you can drink with the leaves in the tumbler and you won’t get a mouth full of leaves. Option two- put leaves in strainer- pour hot water in (let cool down, meaning when the steam disappears) put top back on and turn upside down to steep. When desired steep time reached- turn right side up and remover the top/strainer… slowly. We advice you to watch the “how to” video to truly understand what we’re babbling about!

    STRONGLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE ‘HOW TO’ Video – www.libretea.com MAKE SURE you let the water cool off a bit before putting the cap on and turning upside down- can cause a vacuum when opening… ouch 🙁

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  • Mesh Tea Barrel 2.5″


    3 Inch Mesh Tea Barrel. Great for iced tea or a large pot of tea. Or you can use it with that little chipped mug you cuddle up with on the couch… and I’m not talking about your husband.

    2.5 Inch Mesh Tea Ball. Great for the small cup or a gallon of iced tea. Place one teaspoon of tea in the bottom 1/2 then twist the top on.

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  • Triangle Strainer


    With pyramid tea bags being all the rave! This is a cute stainless steel pyramid single serving strainer. Be the envy of your friends who have to toss their bags after use.

    Single use pyramid strainer. Simply open the bottom of the pyramid, add one teaspoon of tea and steep away. Don’t forget to close the bottom…oopps

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  • Duck Tea Balls


    Wow… if there was a “cute” fairy out there- he dumped a load of cute dust on these! A standard 2″ mesh tea ball (fine grade) is attached to a small duck (like you couldn’t see that on your own!!!) that will hang over your mug. Dang they are cute! A nice little extra addition to a boring tea ball- no offense “tea ball”. BUMMER ALERT:  As of 5/2023 we only have a couple of the WHITE and one PINK ducks left. The rest have not returned from their Winter trip South OR they are just on back-order!? Sorry about that.

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  • Penguin Tea Balls


    So I get the whole, people own dogs and cats and it’s cute to have a little cat or dog ball strainer to remind them of Fido or Fluffy every time they have a cup of great tea… I get that!!! But a PENGUIN?

    I Can’t wrap my head around walking down the street with a pet penguin on a little leash…. I just accepted the cat on a leash thing….so maybe in a year or two it’ll be commonplace to see people walking around too with penguins?!?!? So for the trail blazer Penguin lovers… he you go 🙂

    Makes a great stocking-stuffers…. unless that person hates penguins… Maybe a Kitty of Dog would be a better choice?

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  • Kitty Tea Balls


    Wow could these be any cuter??? These kitty tea balls are just like their buddies the ducks… above. Each one comes with an attached 2″ tea ball. Before you get all bent out of shape- these kitties aren’t on leashes – that just wouldn’t be right! ALSO – I will mention NO cats were harmed in the training needed to master the counter balance of the tea ball once in the mug.

    Unclasp the tea ball, put your loose tea in- the kitty will pull on the leash.. I mean the chain, thus keeping it from slipping into the mug.

    Booooo – just an FYI – we are OUT OF STOCK of the White Kitty with Blue Whiskers AND that cute Black Cat with White belly and whiskers. Not sure when we’ll be getting more 🙁

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