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Apple Cider

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The aroma will conjure up beautiful memories of changing Autumn leaves or a cold Winter’s night…cuddled up with a snow-bunny on a bear skin rug in front of a crackling fireplace…‘on a bear skin rug with a snow-bunny in front of a…’. GREAT, now I can’t get that image out of my mind AND don’t make it dirty- two people can innocently lay on a bearskin rug!!! Seeing as it was an “Apple Tea” that sparked Design a Tea- seemed appropriate to actually have an “apple tea” on the team.

** Disclaimer ** There is No guarantee drinking this will get you a date with a Swiss Alp Snow-Bunny…but it might!

Apple Cinnamon Black Tea

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Black Tea, Natural Flavorings, Apple Bits, Rose Hips/Petals, Calendula Petals, Cinnamon Chips


Loose Leaves, Easy Fill Bags


Small Bag, Large Canister

2 reviews for Apple Cider

  1. architectmdd

    A strong and delightful tea. Very aromatic. The apple flavor is on point; it is an authentic apple taste, not the fake green apple from candies. This calls for a more mellow late-night tea drink. Could use more cinnamon, but that this because I like cinnamon.

  2. smallbusinesskatie

    This tea is perfect for those fall days. I enjoyed that the cinnamon was not overpowering, and the apple flavor was delicious. Highly recommend this tea

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