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BUFFALO CHAI… with a kick!


Unless you have been to Buffalo, NY, you can’t appreciate a real chicken wing…a hot chicken wing! We wanted to honor that local custom, but we are a tea company…and CHICKEN WING TEA just didn’t seem like an option. So Buffalo Chai Tea (with a kick) was designed. It’s our black chai with CAYENNE PEPPER!!! Not a chicken wing tea…but a spicy Chai and it is HOT way in the back of your throat! It’s that darn Cayenne- will get you every time.

** Disclaimer ** This baby can be a little hot…not so much with the sip…it’s after it goes on down, you’ll feel it 🙂


Back Tea Chai, Cardamon, Ginger Root, Calendula Petals, Cinnamon Chips, Cayenne Pepper

Small: Loose 15 / Bags 10
Large: Loose 30 / Bags 20

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