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Easy Fill Tea Bags 100ct


What a way to save money in the long run. Buy your tea loose (more value for your $ anyway). Buy a package of these EASY FILL tea bags. When you need to use a bag, like for the office or school, fill them- fold them over twice and your set! With 100 of these little buggers, it only adds .04 cents per cup of tea. Unfold, get the long edge of the bag wet, flip it over the side of the cup and it sticks to the inside.

These bags are easy fill oxygen bleached tea bags. Sqeeze the bag together (it opens nice and wide) put 1 teaspoon of tea in and fold it twice over itself and tuck it away. The bag will expand when the tea leaves open allowing a good flow of water to extract the flavors. To make it 100% easier when filling and so you don’t spill your spoonful of tea all over the counter… put the spoon into the opening, this opens the tea bag. While filling them, give the bag a little squeeze- this will again open the mouth of the bag allowing the spoon to slip roght in. Before you know it you’ll be a pro at filling them and you can come work for us!!!!



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