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LIBRE Travel Tumbler


A classy travel tumbler if I do say myself. A sturdy BPE free plastic shell that surrounds a glass interior. The creator told us she tested it by putting it on top of her car and driving away several times… like that really ever happens in real life?!?! 🙂 Simply put your tea leaves into the glass, screw on top/strainer after steam dissipates and let steep. This is the really cool part because you can watch the leave dance around like an old-time discotheque. With the steeper in place you can drink with the leaves in the tumbler and you won’t get a mouth full of leaves. Option two- put leaves in strainer- pour hot water in (let cool down, meaning when the steam disappears) put top back on and turn upside down to steep. When desired steep time reached- turn right side up and remover the top/strainer… slowly. We advice you to watch the “how to” video to truly understand what we’re babbling about!

STRONGLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE ‘HOW TO’ Video – www.libretea.com MAKE SURE you let the water cool off a bit before putting the cap on and turning upside down- can cause a vacuum when opening… ouch 🙁

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