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Pu-erh (poo-yair) is a VERY hardy Black tea. Some may say… an acquired taste. It comes from the bold leaf tea which is from the providence of Yunnan in China. It’s an “aged tea”, which means as a result of it’s oxidation process it actually gets smoother and “better” over time. Where most teas will lose taste and quality with time. It has a very EARTHY taste. In part because it’s “composted” ( …yes I said composted) during the finial phase of processing. Lower in tannins than other blacks it doesn’t tend to become bitter when steeped. Actually the longer you steep it the STRONGER it becomes. This is the “wine” of teas… at least in concept.

Like a fine wine, pu-erh gets better with time. If you want to try a sample with your order, feel free to ask us. I love it, but it really is an acquired taste. When I smell and taste it I can only think of one thing…. for me to know and you to find out.

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