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Shimizu Iron Teapot- Brown


Like it’s buddy above this is what’s known as a Shimizu Teapot- a beautiful 3 cup cast iron pot.




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DescriptionLike it's buddy above this is what's known as a Shimizu Teapot- a beautiful 3 cup cast iron pot.  There you are- hand up to head thinking : "I know they like tea- but this darn site is just so in depth- what if I make them something that sucks so bad they will forever hate me." Wow, that's a lot of stress to put on yourself.  MAYBE a lousy gift certificate would take that all off your plate? For those folks in your life that are sooooo hard to shop for; BIRTHDAYS, GET WELL, THINKING OF YOU, even a IF I GIVE YOU THIS GIFT- WILL YOU KEEP YOUR DOG FROM POOPING ON MY LAWN events. A gift certificate is the answer. Only way it could backfire... if they don't like tea! Don't freak out, we don't charge you to send it out. We can also send one electronically if you waited until the last minute!!! We will even personalize the certificate with a message if you want. If that's the case - feel free to write WHATEVER message you would like in the comments when checking out and we;ll add it. We don't judge, we might snicker a bit, but never judge :)Our sampler pack is filled with 13 individually wrapped tea samples of our very own SIGNATURE BLENDS!!! It's sure to make tea tasting a surprising adventure. If you desire a certain "COMBO" (Greens, Herbals, Oolongs...etc) just let us know in the "Additional Instructions" section at check out. It may add a day or two for custom blending though :)  A Shimizu Teapot is a beautiful 3 cup cast iron pot. Which you'll notice the second you lift it.... Comes with a fine mesh strainer insert and a matching trivet. One word comes to mind- CLASS. This is a GREAT gift for a seasoned tea lover or someone starting out on the tea adventure! We promise it'll be the focal point of any tea party. 3 Cup (28oz) Cast Iron 6" high when handle up- a very sleek and beautiful tea pot!!!!! Comes with matching trivet... the thing it sits on- I didn't know what it was either.A great little 2 tea packet for that special someone who you just want to say... "Thanks". Thanks for being my bus driver, my teacher, my mail person, doing me that favor... or just for being my friend! Each packet has two different individually packaged tea bags. Pick two herbals or two black tea blends... you get the idea. Call us to discuss different clip art options... maybe you have one of your own??? If anyone wants to send one to me as a "Thank you"... I would like that! :)Well we listened to the folks that have been picketing our facility with signs that read-"Tea of the month or we'll eat your lunch!" Here it is. Drum roll please.... This program will get you, once a month, a large sized (little over 2 oz) custom designed tea blend. Loose leaf or 20 bag count. In a nutshell- you'll get 12 large canisters over 1 years time after the certificate is purchased. One a month... BUT WAIT... if you would like TWO SMALLS instead of the ONE LARGE... we can make that happen!!! You design the blend AND you can even label it if you want. *** Price includes, yes includes, ground transport right to your doorstep. Not by us, but by the USPS -unless you have cookies! INTERNATIONAL FOLKS- contact us for a little price adjustment... it does cost more to ship some places:( This program expires 1 year after the first order received. NO cash value/can not be redeemed for cash or any Design a Tea website products. Non-refundable. Can only be shipped to ONE PERSON & ONE ADDRESS. Sorry for all the rules :( INTERNATIONAL FOLKS- call us first OR we'll call you after you place the order - way before we process the credit card to adjust the price so we are both happy (adjusted shipping costs) If you want a message card sent with the certificate- just put it in the comments section during checkout :)  
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