Allergen Information


Some of our flavorings DO USE A VEGETABLE GLYCERIN as a carrier for the flavor. The manufacturer states that their flavorings are free from Soy but that their facility does contain various soy products, so in theory there could be cross-contamination to some degree. We understand and respect the soy concerns and sensitivity that some people have and the ongoing debate about soy in teas and natural flavoring – so why fart around? We would suggest that if you have a concern regarding the trace amount or potential of soy or ANY nut allergen, in any product (ours included), better to play it safe and not purchase any. We don’t want to scare you away from a sale – but our commitment to your health is far more important than a few dollars.


There are obviously tree nuts on our humble premise – so like all manufacturers there is a risk of cross-contamination. We hand blend each batch to order so we can be very careful and keep that risk to a minimum… but again, in theory there are nuts running around here. And obviously, the “nut flavored teas” will have nut pieces in them. So if sensitive to nuts- again we don’t want to scare people away- but play it safe!


In the ROOIBOS vanilla ONLY – we do use ALMOND BITS for extra creaminess.


If we used artificial flavoring, it would be so easy to just add it to the tea leaves… but we use natural flavorings/extracts. So with many of the flavor profiles we need to add various ingredients, usually an herb or two to get that flavor profile where it needs to be. As an example, most fruit flavor profiles, not only have their natural flavoring added to the tea leaves but other “stuff” to create that flavor; things like rose hips, respective fruit bits will be tossed in that concoction. Another example would be Chamomile in our Honey profile. And lets toss some apple bits along with those pineapple bits in that Pineapple profile. But the end result is the profile with tried to capture. ALL the ingredients will obviously be on the label of each product sold. We think a pretty blend is always…well, a pretty blend, so we’ll add a few Calendula or Cornflower Petals to spruce it up!
SO if you have any specific allergy or sensitivity to ANY ingredient(s) – PLEASE let us know in the Additional Information section during check out OR drop us a line (585.591.2994) before/after you order and we’ll gladly see what we can do.
Thank you and stay safe and healthy 🙂 Brian

Herbal Precautions

We at Design a Tea truly believe there are health benefits to teas and herbs. But we really can’t suggest or recommend any specific tea or herb for medicinal usage. If we did and your head falls off- we sort of get jammed up legally. Some of the more “exotic” or not so mainstream herbs we offer as “extras” can have contraindications just like medications; such as they shouldn’t be used if you are pregnant or think you may be. And surprisingly, many herbs can interfere with certain medications we may be taking. So we HIGHLY encourage you to check with your personal healthcare professional before adding ANY EXTRA HERBS to your custom tea blends. SO CHECK FIRST- ADD LATER. 🙂