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Wholesale Program

We do offer wholesale pricing for small businesses, along with private labeling and even propitiatory blends if desired. We look forward to partnering with you on your tea adventure. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for details and a wholesale brochure.

Raise Money With


Design a Tea offers a unique artisan tea product for your fundraising that is:

  • Healthy – Tea is full of antioxidants and some of our teas are even caffeine free.
  • Unique – For those people in your life that have everything . . . I’ll bet they don’t have a tea named after them. And it’s a nice alternative to the candy, cookie dough and candle fundraising programs.
  • Choice – We have a simple mission, to bring “choice” to the consumer. We offer flavoring and customized labeling, such as the name of your school, organization, event, maybe your mascot. We always toss a “Thank You” from your organization or personal a message at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • Ethical Tea Partnership – Our tea suppliers are part of this organization. Which focuses on the health and worker fairness in the tea regions around the world.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – We take pride in knowing we are a small part of your organizations’ event. And we go out of our way to show it. Personalized service with product and label design. Hand blending and an eye for detail sets us apart from the mass product fundraising programs.

How it Works

There are two options:

DIRECT SALES: You take orders and collect the money directly from your supporters. Scan and forward the order sheet to us – we’ll ship all the filled orders back to you labeled with student’s name and their customers orders bundled together. When set, we’ll invoice you $3.90 for each unit ordered. Suggested selling price of $6.50 for a profit of $2.60 each sale. That’s a profit of 40%. No money upfront!

WEB SITE SALES: You get the word out. Newsletters, blogs, posters, bulletins, however you can direct folks to our site, we’ll do the rest. Instruct your customers to enter a word or code that we have prearranged with you when they check out. We’ll send 25% of the product total to your organization at the end of the timeline you want. But this route can be tricky; true more hassle-free. The trade off is this program can be a challenge to keep alive. So much easier to say – “Oh, I’ll do it when I get home.” than having an order form in front of them. We have had some successful campaigns this way and there is no issues running both at the same time if you have out of town potential customers.

Contact us for more information or to request a brochure.


Promotional Gifts

We provide a range of unique (healthy) gifts for our business partners; which can be used for client appreciation gifts, for the Holidays or for promotional items to be given out at conferences. As an example, we work with several authors on their promotional gifts they give out at book signings. The tea is in the form of their book cover, which is on the label.
The process is simple, we gather all the information you would like to see on the chosen packaging option along with your logo. We obviously try and get it all on- but like our stomach at Thanksgiving dinner- we often think it’s bigger than it is. We’ll toss a couple drafts out to you to tweak from and the rest is up to us.
If interested, please contact us for a brochure.

Special Event

Custom Favors

Be it bridal, wedding or baby favors, we offer a few customizable tea options.
These are huge life events and we consider it an honor to be such a small part of them. We know there can be stressors and challenges surrounding the planning and execution of these events so let us take one piece out of the equation for you. We can help design and customize a blend to either serve at the event or use as favors. We can customize the label with just about anything you would like.
Contact us to request a favor brochure.