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Matcha is a very fine.. almost green powder. It’s the tea that is used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony- which is very interesting- so google it for details. It can be a tad bitter, so a tiny bit of sweetness can help- but don’t go dumping it into teaspoons of sugar or creamer. It is added or sprinkled to various items like ice cream and can also be found in candy and even as an additive in some lattes. *** A little can go a long way*** ONLY SOLD LOOSE *** SEE SIZE OF PACKAGES IN DETAILS- DIFFERENT FROM OUR STANDARD SIZES

In Japanese ceremonies it can be seen being “whisked” with a small bamboo whisk to a foam which breaks up any small clumps and will aid in the blending of the end product. Very little is consumed during the ceremony.

Small: Loose 15 / Bags 10
Large: Loose 30 / Bags 20

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Matcha Size

Small Packet 20 Grams Loose, Large Packet 40 Grams Loose


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