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Backwoods Blend “Man Tea”


I don’t make the rules, I just follow them! This is a man’s tea so NO WOMEN are allowed to drink it! It’s a man-thing and as much as I totally don’t buy into this law of nature my hands are tied. Just kidding the dumb bear thought it would be funny. This is a true backwoods cabin style tea though. The Juniper berries give it a forest twist that I’m sure you’ve never experienced. PS-Women can enjoy this blend too- just don’t let the bear see you 🙂

PS- ***** Because we use crushed juniper berries in this blend. If you order it with the Easy Fill bags – after you bag it – once in a while you might see a small stain form. DON”T FREAK OUT- it’s just the crushed juniper letting you know it ain’t happy – ENJOY!

A different type of tea. The JUNIPER BERRIES really add a spin. Again, if you are a girl… you can drink this… we were just kidding on the whole “man-only” thing so don’t call the news!

Cranberry Juniper Black Tea

Small: Loose 15 / Bags 10
Large: Loose 30 / Bags 20

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Black Tea, Natural Flavorings, Cranberry Bits, Rose Hips/Petals, Juniper Berries


Loose Leaves, Easy Fill Bags


Small Bag, Large Canister


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