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Squirrel Zinger


So one day Cedar (our oldest dog) was out chasing squirrels, which he has done since a puppy. He stops mid-chase; looks at me and says- “The worse thing I do is chase squirrels. Why am I not featured on a damn label? So I’m standing there looking at my dog who just started talking; what does one say to a talking dog? Seeing the anger in his eyes he could become a Cujo at any second, so I promised him I would come up with something as a tribute!

* Chestnuts made sense (squirrels)…why lemon?  No reason- just tasted good together. Cedar was happy though- that’s all that mattered. NEVER heard him talk again- weird.

Lemon Chestnut Black Tea

Small: Loose 15 / Bags 10
Large: Loose 30 / Bags 20

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Black Tea, Natural Flavorings, Calendula Petals, Lemon Pieces, Rose Hips, Lemongrass


Loose Leaves, Easy Fill Bags


Small Bag, Large Canister


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